viernes, 20 de febrero de 2015

New project with Erasmus+

In the context of the economic crisis in which we are, the unemployment of the youth is unacceptable, but beyond the fact of this situation, we consider that exist a change of paradigms than concern to the whole European citizen.

Opposite to these challenges, we must multiply the spaces of dialog and co-creation of offers.  Probably it would be necessary to check some practices and devices that accompany the youth in his emancipation. It is not about reducing the investment, but also changing the approach and making new and less stigmatized politics and methodologies and based more in citizenship. The project YouthLab tries to gather and to catalogue (with a wide number of partners in Spain, Portugal, France and Slovakia) Good Practices for Juvenile Activation. Besides It is foreseen to organize and to stir forums with participative methodologies of creation offers that gather agents of youth, education, training and employment, taking also into account companies, labor union and young people.