Good practices

The position of young people in Europe is complicated given the current socio-economic situation. It is a situation that invites disaffection with the present and few expectations for the future. We worry about the lives of the younger generation and the vulnerable position they are often in. We think there should be deep reflection on these issues and, above all, the generation of opportunities for creating alternatives. Each of us from our own area of activity can propose and, together with others, defend new initiatives for these new times. This is why we have launched the Youthlab project, to create these opportunities and allow for a dialogue, on the basis of best practice and from the point of view of each issue (youth, employment, education), to address the alternatives that may be proposed.

YouthLab is a project that promotes the exchange of practices in the area of youth activation in Europe; practices in non-formal education related to emancipation, citizenship development, employability, etc. Over 18 months methodologies and experiences will be gathered, analysed and the most important methodological elements will be extracted.