jueves, 17 de diciembre de 2015

More Forums in France and Slovakia

On monday (14 december 2015), the partner Mugazte organise a new Forum on #Youthactivation in Hendaia (France) with 11 persons (housing, employment, youth, social work, education...). 3 hours for exchange ideas and proposal for youth. Thank you!
At the same time, in Bratislava, Mládez celebrate another Forum around social workers and the university...
Step by step, we develop a new regard on employment and young people.


International Forum in Bratislava

We realise a new Forum on #Youthactivation in Bratislava (10 december 2015), an international forum with 10 participants of Spain, France, Portugal and Slovakia (social workers, education, journalists,...). At this moment, more than 200 persons participe in the forums we have organised in each countries.
We will organise an other international forum in june in Bayonne (France).

Meeting coordination in Bratislava

Thank you Mládez and Ulita for this meeting in Bratislava (8-11 december 2015 - Slovakia). A nice time.  We can speak about our Youthlab Project, about activities. We work in a few rooms, in a church,...
We think we have a lot of ideas to do the publication on #Youthactivation.

Next activities:
  • January 2016: finish the publication and the forums.
  • February-May 2016: Diffusion - Dissemination activities in the 4 countries.
  • 22-26 February 2016: Study Visit in Spain (Bilbao-Gasteiz-Donostia- Iruña)
  • 4-8 April 2016: Study Visit in Portugal (Caldas and Lisboa)
  • 1-3 June 2016: Meeting Coordination and International Forum.