About Youth Lab

YouthLab is a project that promotes the exchange of practices in the area of youth activation in Europe; practices in non-formal education related to emancipation, citizenship development, employability, etc. 
Over 18 months methodologies and experiences will be gathered, analysed and the most important methodological elements will be extracted. In addition, the partners in Spain, France, Portugal and Slovakia will organise forums involving agents involved with youth, employment and training issues, who together will generate proposals and analysis on the issue of youth activation and emancipation.
All this information will be summarised and used to disseminate proposals and alternatives.

Needs to be addressed:
  • Economic and social situation in Europe, essentially affecting young people.
  • Changing economic and social paradigms that require changes in the socio-educational devices.
  • Dispersion and disconnection of many employment, youth and education devices. Need to pool efforts and co-create proposals.

  • Collection of practices in four European countries.
  • Organisation and facilitation of forums on youth activation and emancipation in four countries.
  • Multiplier Events: Dissemination of the results in training sessions in the four participating countries.
  • Training visits: discussion and analysis of other practices in other countries.
  • Youth activation guide: posting of an online publication with the contents of the project.
  • Dissemination of the results online.