One of the main activities in this European project is organising and facilitating forums on youth activation. These will involve coming together, in several sessions lasting for three hours, in a small group of different agents (the more diverse the better) so that together they can compare and define very specific ideas and proposals to improve the different devices. It is not a question of inventing magic formulas, but rather collectively suggesting small changes (or large changes) to what is already being done. It is not a question of "starting from scratch" but rather of adapting to this new situation by being more efficient. We want to strengthen the partnerships between the areas of formal and non-formal education, the promotion of citizenship and young people, economic policies and employment.

Therefore, we consider it very important to have your involvement in one of these forums, which will bring together different agents from the region to create proposals and ideas which together with those run in other countries, will form a catalogue of local and European proposals.